Software Installation Guides

This documentation library contains installation guides for all available Virtual Thunder and Bare Metal platforms. Refer to the release notes to determine the platforms supported for your specific release.

Adobe Reader is required to view PDF documents; obtain it from the Adobe website as needed.

Virtual Thunder

Virtual Thunder is a fully operational software-only version of the physical A10 Thunder Series devices.

Bare Metal

Thunder Bare Metal enables the ACOS software to be installed on various pre-qualified x86 reference platforms.


Use the Global License Manager (GLM) to obtain and activate the licenses required by vThunder and Bare Metal.

Virtual Thunder Installation Guides

Virtual Thunder is supported on the Hypervisors listed in the table below.

Virtual Thunder (vThunder), and Thunder Containers
vThunder for AWS
vThunder for Azure
vThunder for Hyper-V [1]
vThunder for KVM
vThunder for KVM SR-IOV
vThunder for OpenStack
vThunder for Oracle Cloud
vThunder for VMware ESXi [1]

1. Virtual TPS (vTPS) is supported on these Hypervisors for TPS features – ACOS Release 3.2.2-P5 or later.

Bare Metal Installation Guides

View the Bare Metal Installation Guide to see which pre-qualified platforms are supported.

Bare Metal
Thunder Bare Metal

Licensing User Guides

View the appropriate Global License Manager (GLM) guide for information on obtaining and activating your license.

Capacity FlexPool License

View instructions for Capacity FlexPool license, which enables you to subscribe to a fixed bandwidth pool that can be shared among multiple devices. Also, view instructions for Enterprise License Management (ELM).

Perpetual License

View instructions on obtaining your activation key license for your A10 virtual appliance, URL Classification License installation, and GLM account managmement.

Pay-As-You-Go License

View information on the Rental Billing Model (RBM) for fixed bandwidth services and Utility Billing Model (UBM) for actual data usage.

Support Information

Get more help in the A10 Networks Support Portal.

Get Help from A10 Networks Support

A support account is required to access the Support Portal. To obtain a support account:

  1. Obtain your Billing Serial Number
  2. Complete the form on the Customer Registration page.

Access to the Support Portal is available at the following URL:

Or by scanning the QR code below:

If you are not able to access the Support Portal, contact your local A10 Networks representative for further assistance.

Additional Useful Information

This section contains links to useful information located in the GLM User Guide:

Acquiring a Trial License

See "Acquiring a Trial License" for information about how to obtain a trial license for eligible appliances.

Migrating an Existing License

See "Migrating an Existing License" for information about how to transfer a standard license from one appliance to a different appliance.

RMA Requests

See "Return Merchandise Authorization Requests" for information about how to have A10 Networks assist you in resolving software licensing issues.

URL Classification License Renewal

See "Renewing a URL Classification License" for information about how to have A10 Networks assist you in renewing a URL Classification License.

Revision History

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This section tracks the changes to this documentation library using the following revision number format:


What the revision numbers mean:

<major_rev> Updated when new platforms are added.
<minor_rev> Updated when platforms are removed, or for other edits to this documentation library.

PDF File Names

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1.0 September 2016. Initial version, migrated the content from the hardware installation documentation library. Updated the structure of the GLM User Guide from previous versions. Added the vThunder Feature Support Matrix.

1.1 November 2016. Updated system requirements and limitations for KVM, KVM-SRIOV, VMware ESXi, and Hyper-V.

1.2 November 2016. Updated GLM User Guide with additional information on URL Classification Installation.

1.3 January 2017. Updated vThunder for AWS Installation Guide with information on AWS GovCloud.

1.4 March 2017. Updated GLM Guide with updated URL Classificiation License Renewal Instructions. HTML formatting issues for various guides corrected.

1.5 April 2017. Added vThunder for OpenStack Install Guide. Various updates to vThunder Guides. HTML formatting issues for various guides corrected.

1.6 May 2017. Updated Bare Metal Install Guide.

1.7 June 2017. Changed Global License Manager (GLM) link to Licensing section. Added GLM Pay-As-You-Go Guide.

1.8 July 2017. Moved vThunder Support Matrix link to top section.

1.9 July 2017. Fixed an issue with the vThunder for Azure HTML files not loading. The PDF file is unchanged.

2.0 August 2017. Fixed an issue with the vThunder for KVM system requirements missing 271-GR1-Px.

2.1 October 2017. vThunder for AWS Installation Guide updated.

2.2 November 2017. Capacity FlexPool License Guide updated.

3.1 January 2018. Install guides updated for ACOS 414-P1. Capacity Flexpool license guide also updated.

3.2 August 2018. Install guides updated for ACOS 414-P2. Capacity Flexpool license guide also updated.

3.3 November 2018. Install guides updated for ACOS 414-P3. Capacity Flexpool license guide also updated.