Hardware Installation Guides

This documentation library contains all installation guides for physical hardware platforms currently available for purchase. Refer to the release notes to determine the platforms supported for your specific release.

Adobe Reader is required to view PDF documents; obtain it from the Adobe website as needed.

A10 Thunder Series

Hardware Installation guides for A10 Thunder Series and Hybrid Virtual Appliance (HVA) devices. Find installation guides for vThunder and Bare Metal in the Support Portal.

AX Series

Hardware installation guides for AX Series high-performance Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) and Carrier Grade Networking (CGN) devices.


Hardware installation guides for aGalaxy central management system devices. Find configuration guides for aGalaxy in the Support Portal.

A10 Thunder Series Installation Guides

A10 Thunder Series devices represent the premier product line for various A10 Networks services; the services supported for each device are summarized in the table below.

SPE Devices (FTA-Enabled)
Thunder 14045
Thunder 6635(S)
Thunder 6435(S)/5435/4435
FTA Devices
Thunder 7440-11/5840-11
Thunder 7445/5845
Thunder 7440(S)/6440(S)
Thunder 6630(S)
Thunder 6430(S)
Thunder 5840(S)/5440(S)/4440(S)
Thunder 5630(S)
Thunder 5430-11(S)/4430(S)
Thunder 5330(S)/3430(S)/3230(S)
Non-FTA Devices
Thunder 3040(S)
Thunder 3030S/1030S/930 [1]
Thunder 1040/1040S/940
Thunder 840
Thunder 3745
Thunder Hybrid Virtual Appliance (HVA) Devices
Thunder 3530S/3030S HVA
Thunder HVA Release Notes

1. CGN code is supported on the TH930 and TH1030 devices beginning with ACOS release 4.1.0.

AX Series Hardware Installation Guides

AX Series devices represent the original product line for ADC and CGN services; the services supported for each device are summarized in the table below.

FTA Devices
AX 3200-12
Non-FTA Devices
AX 3000-11-GCF
AX 2500

aGalaxy Hardware Installation Guides

aGalaxy provides management capabilities for A10 Thunder Series devices in your network; the devices that can be managed are summarized in the table below.

aGalaxy 5000
Device HTML PDF Thunder Virtual Thunder AX
aGalaxy 5000

Additional Documentation

To assist you with your hardware installation or initial configuration.

Safety Precautions

View important hardware safety precautions prior to beginning the installation. This document is also included as part of the physical inventory with your ACOS device.

Quick Start Guide

View initial configuration information for your ACOS device after it is installed into your equipment rack and powered on. This document is included as part of your device's physical inventory.

LOM Reference

Lights Out Management (LOM) enables you to manage your device by remote control. If your ACOS device has a LOM interface, you may choose to setup LOM configuration.

Support Information

Get more help in the A10 Networks Support Portal.

Support Account

To obtain a support account and access the Support Portal:

  1. Find your device's serial number, located on the product label which is affixed to the chassis.
  2. Complete the form on the Customer Registration page.

Support Portal

Complete software and hardware documentation can be found in the A10 Networks Support Portal.

Or, scan the QR code below:

If you are not able to access the Support Portal, contact your local A10 Networks representative for further assistance.

RMA Instructions

If you encounter and issues with your hardware and are unable to troubleshoot to a successful resolution, contact customer support using the information below to initiate a Return Materials Authorization (RMA):

A10 Networks, Inc.
3 West Plumeria Drive
San Jose CA 95134
P: +1-408-325-8668 (main)
P: +1-408-325-8676 (support)
F: +1-408-325-8666

Additional Information


Detailed specifications and additional information about each model, including regulatory certification compliance, can be found in the Products page on the A10 Networks Corporate Website.

End of Sales

Visit the End of Sale Announcements page to view pending Last Order dates for specific platforms. End of Sale platforms will not be included in this documentation.

Revision History

Keep track of what's changed and what's new.


This section tracks the changes to this documentation library using the following revision number format:


What the revision numbers mean:

<major_rev> Updated when new platforms are added.
<minor_rev> Updated when platforms are removed, or for other edits to this documentation library.

PDF File Names

The PDF file names contain a string Libx.x where x.x refers to the documentation library version when the document was last updated. For example, the string Lib3.3 means the document was last updated in documentation library version 3.3, even though the current documentation library version may be more current.


1.0 September 2015. Initial version.

1.1 October 2015. Fixed typos in some install guides and update legal text for all documents.

1.2 October 2015. Updated aGalaxy install guide and Quick Start guide. Added link to End of Sales page. Removed Lithium Battery warning from the Safety Precautions document. Added text to contact a local A10 Network representative for those who are unable to access the Support Portal.

1.3 November 2015. Removed AX1030, AX3030, and AX3530 platforms due to End of Sales status.

2.0 May 2016. Added TH7440/6640, TH5840/5440/4440, TH840 platforms. Updates to various vThunder and Thunder HVA guides. Added Bare Metal installation guide. Updated Quick Start guide to add text about the splitter cable on newer platforms. Update TH3030S with new PSU information. Update TH1030 and TH930 to include CGN support as of ACOS 4.1.0. Update text about what is included in the accessory kit for all platforms. Added GLM User Guide.

2.1 June 2016. Removed "Input Frequency" data from the 1100W DC PSU specifications. Add footnote to TH930 and TH1030 for CGN support.

2.2 July 2016. The following guides have been updated to include specific 4.1.x commands for license activation and verification. GLM User Guide updated. The following vThunder Installation Guides have been updated: AWS, Azure, Hyper-V, KVM, KVM(with SR-IOV), VMware.

3.1 September 2016. Updated LOM Reference. Updated all install guides with new text in the PSU chapters. Made cosmetic and minor design changes to this page. Move Bare Metal and vThunder install guides to a new, separate library.

3.2 October 2016. Update LOM interface speed in all install guides.

3.3 October 2016. Add SSLi and CFW columns to the Thunder Series table.

3.4 November 2016. Combine TH3030/1030/930. Combine TH5430-11/4430. Combine TH5330/3430/3230. Combine TH3030/3530 HVA. Remove extraneous information in the PSU specifications and equipment rack specifications. Update PDF file names to include the latest documentation library version number. Correct PSU content for TH3040, TH3230, TH3430, and TH5330. Correct sliding rail content for TH3040.

3.5 December 2016. Fix TH3040 to show 5 fans and update numbering. Update port splitting content for all applicable documents. Update DC PSU content for all applicable documents.

4.0 January 2017. Add TH14045. Remove fan numbering text from some install guides that did not match up with the graphic.

4.1 January 2017. Minor updates to Thunder 3030S/3530S HVA install guide for HVA 1.0.5 release.

4.2 January 2017. Corrected PSU content for TH3040, TH5330/TH3430/TH3230, and TH3030/TH1030/TH930 guides.

5.1 February 2017. Added content for new "Reserved CPUs Management" TH3030S/3530S HVA install guides.

5.2 March 2017. Enhancements made to TH14045 install guide.

5.3 March 2017. Correct sliding rail content for aGalaxy 5000 install guide. Updated HTML content to fix formatting issues for various guides.

5.4 April 2017. TH14045 guide updated. Additional HTML formatting issues corrected for various guides.

5.5 May 2017. Moved TH14045 to SPE section and updated the guide to reflect it as an SPE device.

5.6 May 2017. TH14045, TH6430, TH5430-11/4430 Guides added TH14045 in Supported Platform Section for Port Splitting.

5.7 May 2017. Updated HVA 1.0.5 Release Notes.

5.8 August 2017. Updated 3040(S) Guide.

5.9 August 2017. Removed AX 5630 due to End of Sales status. Removed Thunder 4435S and 5435S due to End of Sales Status.

6.0 August 2017. Added TH3745 and TH1040/1040S/940 Installation Guides.

6.1 October 2017. Updated TH14045 and TH7440-11 Installation Guides.

6.2 November 2017. Updated 3030S/1030S/930 Installation Guide.

6.3 March 2019. Updated 1040S/1040/940 Installation Guide.

6.4 August 2018. Updated TH7445/5845 Installation Guide.

6.5 August 2018. Updated 1040/940, TH7440-11/5840-11, and TH14045 Installation Guides.