Roadmap of Common Tasks

Common next steps to help you get started after your device is physically installed and connected to the network.

Verify Your System

Verify the software version and hardware information on your system.

Verify the Software Version
Verify Hardware Components
View System Throughput

Configure Device Access

Create Admin users who can access the device using either local or external authentication.

Configure Admins
Configure External Authentication

Configure Notifications

Set up how you would like to be notified of system events.

Configure System Logging
Configure Email Logging
Configure SNMP

Select a Deployment

Set up your Thunder TPS in a supported deployment mode.

Deployment Modes
Deployment Examples

Configure Layer 2/3 Security

Configure DDoS mitigation at the Layer 2/3 level.

Configure GLIDs
Black and White Listing

Configure Layer 4 Security

Configure DDoS mitigation at the Layer 4 level.

Configure TCP Security
Configure UDP Security
Configure SSL-L4 Security

Configure Layer 7 Security

Configure DDoS mitigation at the Layer 7 level.

Configure DNS Security
Configure HTTP Security

Configure DDoS Detection and Monitoring

Learn more about DDoS Mitigation statistics and traffic indicators.

Network Traffic Indicators
sFlow Export
Packet Capture

Reset the Device

Restore the device to its factory default setting, or recover lost passwords.

Reset the Device
Restore the Device
Recover Passwords

TPS Documentation

View the HTML and PDF versions of the core TPS documentation.

Upgrade and New Information
Document Title HTML PDF
Upgrade Guide (Including Changes in Default Behavior)
New Features and Enhancements
Configuration Guides
Document Title HTML PDF
System Configuration and Administration Guide
Management Access and Security Guide
Network Configuration Guide
DDoS Mitigation Guide
Reference Guides
Document Title HTML  
aXAPI Reference