Roadmap of Common Tasks

Common next steps to help you get started after your device is physically installed and connected to the network.

Verify Your System

Verify the software version, hardware information, and SKU or license on your system.

Verify the Software Version
Verify Hardware Components
View System Throughput

Configure Device Access

Create Admin users who can access the device and specific object-level privileges with RBAC.

Configure Admins
Configure External Authentication
Configure LDAP Authentication

Configure Notifications

Set up how you would like to be notified of system events.

Configure System Logging
Configure SNMP

Configure Layer2/3 Functions

Configure your ACOS device in your Layer 2 or Layer 3 environment.

Configure Application Delivery Partitions
Configure VLANs
Configure DHCP

Configure Redundancy

Configure aVCS to synchronize your configuration, and VRRP-A or Scaleout for device cluster management.

Configure aVCS
Configure High Availability (HA)
Configure VRRP-A High Availability

Configure Layer 4 Features

Configure Layer 4 ADC and CGN features.

Layer 4 TCP/UDP Load Balancing
Protocol Translation

Configure Layer 7 Features

Configure Layer 7 ADC and CGN features.

Layer 7 Application Load Balancing
Application Offload and Optimization

Configure Additional Features

Configure additional commonly deployed features.

Global Server Load Balancing
DDoS Mitigation (for ADC)

Reset the Device

Restore the device to factory default setting, or reset passwords.

Restore the Device
Recover Passwords

Available Documentation

This table lists the complete set of documents available for this release.

Adobe Reader is required to view PDF documents; obtain it from the Adobe website as needed.

Note: The 2.7.2-P15 release mainly consists of bug fixes, and no new features have been introduced.

Late-breaking Information (Release Notes)
Release Notes (Updated)
Configuration Guides
System Configuration and Administration Guide
Management Access and Security Guide
Application Access and DDoS Mitigation Guide
Application Delivery and Server Load Balancing Guide
Global Server Load Balancing Guide
Web Application Firewall Guide
Reference Documentation
aFleX Scripting Language Reference
aXAPI Reference
Command Line Interface Reference (Updated)
MIB Reference